Finding Fulfillment In A Busy Life

Vydara Apr 5, 2016 fulfillment life personal development purpose 0 Comments Posted in: Portfolio, The Blog

Vydara Apr 5, 2016 fulfillment life personal development purpose 0 Comments Posted in: Portfolio, The Blog

As busy women balancing our friends, family, and careers we sometimes lose sight of what feeds us, of what fulfills us. And sometimes, that leaves us with a niggling feeling that, even though we’re busy all day, we may not have done everything we wanted. We want to contribute not only to our own personal development, but to society, too! How can a modern woman do it all, and feel good about it?

The first thing is to realize that we can’t do it all. And we don’t have to do everything we think we should do. We don’t have to work full-time, volunteer weekly, do yoga daily, get a second Master’s degree, all while having our highlights perfectly done and makeup meticulously applied!

The second thing is to choose one issue and one aspect of personal development that mean the most to you. Note: Choosing just one of each will be difficult, but by overloading ourselves with multiple expectations, we usually end up not sticking with any of them. Examples of issues: animal rights, women’s rights or homeless advocacy. Examples of personal development: meditating more, maintaining a regular exercise routine or taking a photography course.

Then, integrate the issue you care about into your life by figuring how you can make an impact without neglecting other important aspects of your life. If you love animals, but can’t make it to the animal shelter to walk dogs every weekend, can you attend a monthly fundraising event? Can you offer to help maintain the shelter’s Facebook page?

Do the same for personal development. How can you improve your life without feeling overwhelmed? If you’ve always wanted to do Pilates, sign up for a twice weekly class. Don’t commit to doing it daily at first. It’s when we overestimate our commitment that we are more likely to drop out.

After some time, you’ll notice that by adding these, what we like to call “life fulfillment items” that you actually start feeling like your life has more meaning! Fancy that. And don’t be afraid to try other activities if what you had decided to add to your life doesn’t give you that warm, fuzzy “I have a fab life” feeling!

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