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Vydara May 1, 2016 clarafuse clarasome Dermaclara 0 Comments Posted in: The Blog

Vydara May 1, 2016 clarafuse clarasome Dermaclara 0 Comments Posted in: The Blog

Get the latest feedback from customers about their Dermaclara Results at Vydara. Experience the truth on Dermaclara and become informed Now!

Vydara gathered up the latest feedback on new skincare system Dermaclara Youth Science from users who switched from their normal skincare routine to Dermaclara’s curated five-product system. This system includes five products: claraprep (cleanser), claraline (serum), clarasome (moisturizer), claralips (lip serum) and clarafuse (dermapads).

The first customers who used Dermaclara Youth Science gave Vydara the following feedback:

“Claraprep felt so expensive. I’ve used products like La Mer and Chanel and I swear the consistency felt similar. Plus, it made my skin nice and clean, no makeup or gunk left over!”

“I switched out my normal anti-aging serum from Laura Mercier to claraline. It was silky and lightweight and didn’t take too long to absorb into my skin. After a week or so, my skin seems more even and brighter. Not as dull, either.”

“I’ve been a Philosophy moisturizer devotee for years, so when I decided to try Dermaclara clarasome, it wasn’t a decision made lightly! My skin is combination, and it’s not easy finding a moisturizer that can strike that balance between not too heavy and not too light. Clarasome had a gel-cream consistency that was hydrating but not too rich! And it smelled really luxurious. Wow!”

“I didn’t think that a collagen-infused lip serum like claralips would do anything, but my lips feel healthier and look sexier.”

“When my friend showed me clarafuse dermapads, I was a little hesitant. But then when she told me the lines and sun damage on her neck and chest were improving, I checked them out myself. I wore them overnight for a week, and I swear the fine lines and sunspots looked a lot better! I’m going to keep using them to see how much improvement I can get.”

From the initial feedback we got from Vydara customers, we can recommend Dermaclara Youth Science skincare system as one of the best new product lines to debut this year. Their well-designed product line makes it an easy one to use for most skin types and age groups. So if you’re looking for an effective and simple skincare regimen, try Dermaclara.

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